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On-Off Primary Control with PrePurge - Intermittent Pilot
STT850 temperature transmitter is designed to deliver very high performance across varying ambient temperatures. The total installed accuracy level of the transmitter, allows the STT850 to replace virtually any transmitter.
Product Description Rosemount 8800 Flanged Vortex Flow Meter offers world-class reliability with a gasket-free, non-clog meter body that eliminates potential leak points, resulting in maximum process availability and fewer unscheduled shutdowns. The 8800 Flanged Vortex is ideal for all applications from general purpose to the most demanding application. The unique design of the 8800 features an isolated sensor that eliminates the need to break process seals for flow and temperature sensor replacement.
The S7800A1001 KDM Series 5 offers the following technical advancements to the 7800 SERIES devices: Compatible with installed Honeywell 7800 SERIES systems. A three screen two-row by twenty-column readout set of Call Service (Business Card) alpha/numeric directions can be displayed instead of the standard lockout display message. (Pass Code protected feature). This business card can be cloned to other displays to save setup time. ï Enable ModBus Communication feature. The S7800A1001 can either do the Expanded Annunciator Feature or ModBus -- not both. If BOTH are required, order the S7810M1003 ModBus Module for the ModBus option.
The ZR802G converter uses a digital display, displays the cell temperature and cell emf in addition to the oxygen concentration and includes a Human Machine Interface (HMI), that offers easy touch screen operation. This analyzer is most suitable for monitoring the oxygen concentration of combustion gases in large or small boilers, various industrial furnace and combustion devices, or for the control of low-oxygen combustion.
A high-performance gauge pressure transmitter, the EJA530E delivers liquid, gas, or steam measurements accurately, quickly, and reliably.
The 7800 series are microprocessor-based industrial burner controls for all types of automatically fired burners with unlimited capacity. The 7800-series are enabled for remote monitoring via the Thermal IQ Honeywell Connected Plant solution.
SITRANS P320 Pressure transmitter Differential pressure and flow PN160 HART (4...20 mA) Measuring cell filling: Silicone oil Maximum measuring span: 600 mbar (241.1 inH²O) Oval flange, fastening thread: M10 (PN160), M12 (PN420) Diaphragm: Stainless steel 316L/1.4404, measuring cell: Stainless steel 316L/1.4404; Sensor Differential pressure: process flange: Stainless steel 316/1.4408 Die-cast aluminum housing Dual chamber device no Ex 2 x M20 x 1.5 With display (lid with glass window)
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